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Show Line-Up:

Cherry's Magic Fun Show

Features a ditsy but ultimately magical interactive clown show, balloon animals and much fun. 45 minutes.

Adi's Magic Show

Features Adi Paxton as a comic, muddled magicienne and includes magic, silk juggling and balloon modeling. 30- 45 minutes.

Busking as a Clown, Magicenne

This includes balloon animals, some magic, face painting and juggling and is provided along with a show or separately. Mime and statue mimes can be arranged.

Madam Zelda

Comedy mind reading: Adi appears as an amusing and bemused Gypsy “mind reader”. An entertaining send-up: suitable for family shows and cabaret appearances. 20 minutes.

Edu-tainments On Offer:

Pet's Tale

is a show about pet care. The audiences help Petrick or Pet to discover who he is. Along the way, they meet a bush baby, an uppity Giraffe, Parrot and BD and after a series of adventures Pet finds a home with Judy. A NEW VERSION with THREE PERFORMERS was performed on the Main Festival at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, July, 2004) and the International Puppet Festival in Austria(October, 2004).

Rainbow's End

Gem’s cousin Kala Liss comes to stay - destroys things then leaves. The audience helps Gem to rebuild her Rainbow World and to reinstate the Colourills, her secret friends. Along the way they learn about light, colours and shapes.

About Clown

A circus act disappears. The audience assists the stagehand in producing a version of their act. They learn about the 3 clown styles - Character, Whiteface & Auguste. 30- 40 mimutes

Flying Fish

Petrick (or Pet for short) and his friend Judy have a seaside adventure after losing one another for a while. Along the way they learn about friendship and sea-life. A penguin called Jackie, a Seagull, The Admirable Nelson, and BD assist Pet. An enviro-drama: 30 minutes.

The Reluctant Princess

(also for Senior Primaries)- Cleo thinks that being a responsible royal is a real drag until a pixie (a real greenie) teaches her otherwise. She has to rescue a spider called Spud, a sniveling rabbit and a lot of dying flowers. With the aid of the audience they defeat the horrid Dr. Phial. An enviro-drama which deals with responsibility.


a show to give some people the heeby-geebies. A gal called 'Bugz' meets a magic cricket, a dancing flea an egotistical Spyder and a wimpy weevil in her quest to find a supergogga. Dr Phial is defeated with the help of the audience. An Enviro-drama which focuses on self reliance and self image.

A Fairy's Story

Lucilla, is a young fairy who has to defeat the wicked Griselda, to save her friends and earn her wings, with the help of the audience. A fun adventure, that examines loyalty and perseverance along the way.

Paper Play (For ages 8-16)

A Magical Lecture Tour that discovers interesting facts about paper and recycling using magic tricks and audience participation along the way.

Magillicuddy's Magic Lecture

Prof. Miranda Magillicuddy, transforms into a witchety old teacher to perform a Potty lecture. Appropriate for theme parties. For 6-12 year olds.

The Spelling Stone

Puppetry, mime and magic for all ages. Join Dan, the Wild Woman of the Woods, Eggbirt and a couple of strange Animals in this interactive story.

A See Saw

If life's a Beach who knows what could be found there... Two youngsters explore the sea shore. The audience team up with two puppet characters with songs and fun for all

Special, Larger Shows:

Animal Fables

Wirework puppetry is used to tell 3 Traditional African fables that feature the wily Tortoise, Ufudu, A Grey Parrot, a Dove and a really Scaly Fish as well as Birds and the mysterious Cloud People.
This show appeared at the International Puppet Festival in Mistlebach, Austria in October 2001.and on the Main at the National Arts Festival, July 2004.

Story Seeker

A shadow puppet play with songs and acted scenes based on Gcina Mhlope’s Mazanendaba. This show was funded by the NAC and appeared at the KwaSuka Theatre , Howard College and in Mistelbach at the Internationl Puppet Festival,2008 as well as in Vienna. 3 hander with Lwazi Ncube and Pamela Tancsik.